Always Looking Always Listening

Paul McConnachie


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To fully experience all my sound/video works I suggest wearing headphones to fully immerse yourself within all of the sound pieces and it is better than the output of computer speakers! .

City at night is a darker more sinister recording created using field recordings as well as constructed sounds. The city at night presents its own challenges in terms of the darkness enveloping you as well as the bright lights and of course the sounds are different at night. Your senses are heightened so you are listening and watching intently and aware of your environment.



City during the day is an exploration of fusing field recordings gathered while out walking with constructed sounds. It appears now that whenever you walk through any city there are that many sounds immersing you it is difficult to filter them out so I suggest embrace them all and create your own symphonies




Along the edge is an audio peice that was created in relation to going for a walk along a very high precipice where you are challenging yourself at the mercy of nature. Do you jump or do you fall...only you can decide that.


Composition No.whatever began as an experiment in creating arpeggiated sounds which then developed into a soundscape encompassing field sounds with synthesized constructs.


Sounds for a little creature was conceived through an exploration of using single Sine notes and altering their pitch and velocity and creating random arppegiated sequences.


Interference is inspired by recording around the streets of Liverpool when I was wanting to gather the sound of the city. Whenever I was playing the audio back it was evident the noise or sound of the wind was all encompassing. This meant the sound was intermittently interfered with due to nature.


This work is more about the sound rather than the visual. The visual is an accompaniment to the sound piece. Although the video was concieved first I had an idea about composing a work that was inspired by looking up at the sky and capturing it from one point of view.



Sine Symphony is a composition using pure sine waves. It is not just the tones that are evident but the undertones that makes this peice what it is. You may get the impression that there are silences but this is not the case. The silences you are experiencing in this work affect a different element of your auditory listening.

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One fine day is inspired by what happened in Great Britain a few years ago when parts of British society decided enough was enough and decided to take their cause to the streets.


Is it a sound work, a visual work, an auditory, a sonic peice. It is what you imagine it is to me it is Sound accompanied by the visual.

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What happens when you are presented with a sound piece to accompany a visual image? This is an experiment at challenging the auditory and the visual. Both videos should be played together in order to create a textual sound field. Although different words are stated they are designed to create links in the mind. Although asynchronous in terms of playback speed the crossover of words creates a narrative to be created by the listener. Both videos should be watched together to create the sound field.


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What does it mean to be a contemporary artist? A question that arises a lot and many different words and terminologies to take in.