Always Looking Always Listening

Paul McConnachie


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The Playback performance contextualised from a performer applying a traditional instrument (guitar), rather than performing behind a computer screen. A guitar is attached to Ableton and Max for Live for generating complex sounds, similar to an effects pedal. An original score was composed for the performance and the score was played by applying the guitar in a table top style, comparable to Fred Frith. The performance is durational and has no time restrictions; it is up to the player when they want to complete the work (using a Cagean ideology).

Watch Play Listen 

The inspiration for Watch Play Listen was initiated by building on the sonic works by Ryoji Ikeda and Robert Henke. All the audio and video files for Watch Play Listen are captured from sonic excursions in and around the city of Liverpool.  The technology used for this interactive patch is Max.

Blackstrip Put Yer Card In 

This sound work was designed for participants to take part and create original soundworks (see images) Blackstrip was what was created by two students when playing with sound.


An exploration into what Michel Foucault describes as the space in-between, of other spaces and Heterotopia. This video highlights my interest in surveillance and our reaction to it.



A moment in time of the CCTV cameras in the centre of Liverpool following my movements. Where will I go to next and will I be followed?




There is a place that we see everyday and we wonder what it is like? I pass a disused train track and I've always wondered where it went so one day I decided to go with my video camera and to follow the track until I could go on no more. This reminded me of when I was young when my friends and I used to do this sort of thing.

They stand everyday awaiting our custom; they watch as you walk past and never utter a word; they look for eye contact but you offer no return; they are a challenge to the city planners but it is the city they belong to....


This is my ritual, everyday.....




Exhibition in the Art & Design Academy Liverpool

Jude and I setting up



Exhibition view


A view on the durational and an expansion on time. A simple object challenging what we know?



What does it mean to be a contemporary artist in Great Britain? These are a lot of the words that you should expect to have knowledge of when working as an artist. Contemporary art is about learning a new aspect of the English language.